A Startling Fact About Stopping Cancerous Thoughts – The First Step to a Cancer Cure?

The first step to a cancer cure – did you know that the single most important thing to get right when you’re diagnosed with cancer is your thoughts? Your mindset.


Because many people believe that cancer is a death sentence. But that’s simply not true. Certainly people do die from cancer – there’s no doubt.

But have you ever stoped to consider that your thoughts play a huge role in the outcome? Have you ever considered that your thoughts may even have contributed to your cancer?

Let me tell you about what happened to me. A dozen years ago I was diagnosed with cancer. For years before my diagnosis, I kept telling my wife “maybe I have leukaemia or something?” And I kept saying this over and over again.

Then it happened – I was diagnosed with lymphoma cancer. Well, I was pretty close wasn’t I? Leukaemia and lymphoma are both forms of blood cancer.

So, now the question arises. Did I give myself lymphoma cancer by constantly verbalizing and repeating the same negative thoughts? I truly believe so. And I think many people would agree with me.

Can positive thoughts be the key to the first step to a cancer cure?

I’m still alive today because I believed I’d beat cancer. Your thoughts are vitally important. When you understand how your mind works you are better able to change it. And change it for the better – change it to serve you.

Your mind is made up of two parts. The conscious mind which is your intellect. And the subconscious mind which is the feeling part of you – your emotions.

Most of us would associate the conscious mind with our head. We would also associate the subconscious mind with our head, but this is incorrect. Your subconscious mind resides in every single cell of your body.

Your mindset is extremely important because it is the first step to your cancer cure. What you think (conscious) impacts on the way you feel (subconscious). And what you feel has a direct affect on your body.

For years, I kept thinking I would get seriously ill. I kept repeating this over and over. My conscious mind believed the thought and this was transferred into my subconscious.

My subconscious mind then set about carrying out my wishes(?!) and affected every cell in my body – I manifested cancer.

So, what you think affects the way you feel. This, in turn, causes you to do or act in certain ways or to get certain results. Put simply, what you think affects what you get.

What you need to do is take control of your thoughts because now you understand that what you think directly impacts what you get. Don’t be controlled by your thoughts.

Much of what you think comes from what you believe. Many of your beliefs are ingrained–we all have an existing belief system that started way back in childhood. How?

As children we believed everything our parents told us. Then we believed everything our childhood peers told us. Then, …… you get the picture.

We never learned to question.

It has been my experience that most of my limitations were put upon me – not by others, but by me. Me! Not because I wanted to, or even meant too. But I simply wasn’t aware that I was doing this. You see, if you hear the same things over and over you begin to believe them without question.

So, what you need to do is use your analytical conscious mind to help you cure cancer. Decide for yourself what you believe. Question everything you hear – inside and outside of your head.

Ask yourself, about your thoughts and beliefs – do these serve me?

Let me give you an example. How often have you heard yourself say “I can’t do that” or “that won’t work for me!”

Do these thoughts serve you? Do they really help you? No, they don’t. Like me, these are most likely limitations you have put upon yourself. And they aren’t based on your reality. They’re a figment of somebody else’s imagination.

Question all the negative thoughts that you have. Ask yourself “Do these thoughts serve me?” And if they don’t serve you, then ask yourself “What thoughts would serve me?”

When you control your thoughts you begin to change your mind set and your life. Replace negative thoughts with better thoughts, so that you build a storehouse of thoughts that serve you.

Better thoughts do exist. Think about them and you will find them. If you can’t find any better thoughts, you’re not looking hard enough. Try again.

It’s worth the effort because you are worth the effort. Start with a good thought and begin your own cancer cure today.

Michael Mihalcic is a cancer survivor, enduring a coma and near death experiences. Michael and his wife, Barbara King, spent the last 10+ years researching alternative health. Visit www.LymphomaAdvice.com to read all about how Michael overcame cancer with his 6 step formula.
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